Reinventing Enterprise Email to Make Workplaces
More Productive, Efficient and Humane


In this Social Business Journal you’ll gain insight through the lens of Mary Elizabeth (M.E.) Miller and Duncan Hopkins from IBM. Duncan Hopkins is a Senior Design Team Lead, IBM Design, Enterprise Social Solutions and M.E. Miller is an IBM Verse UX Designer. 
Together they describe how IBM Design Thinking is used to design and develop enterprise applications like IBM Verse. They describe what IBM Design Thinking is, how they ensure that their designs are inclusive in their accessibility to anyone regardless of age or ability, how IBM Design Thinking has been applied to IBM Verse, and how it can be applied to any problem solving approach in business. Finally, you'll also learn about IBM Verse itself, and how this new cloud-based enterprise email solution learns your behaviors and adapts to the way you work--a harbinger of the “cognitive era.”

"It's one interface. So when you use the interface, you don't have to turn on anything special to use the interface for accessibility." 
- Duncan Hopkins

"Within the Verse user interface, we never use color as the only method to convey information. This is important for users who are color blind or have low vision."
- M.E. Miller

"The true potential of mobile and social in the enterprise is realized only when these technologies are combined with analytics to deliver relevant insights to the right people at the right time, in the right place."
Maria Winans, CMO, IBM WW Commerce and Social Marketing 

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