Why a Customer Community?

Internet adoption is accelerating globally, creating huge new markets, new customers and new opportunities for growth and profit. The Internet allows for instant, unlimited communication and unparalleled social networking, giving customers and businesses a chance to build stronger relationships than they could have imagined before the Internet. Businesses that invest in this communication by building engaged communities are going to dominate the market in coming decades, as their customers keep coming back.

"The Hootsuite Community Forum was initially created as a public forum for our customers to reach out and get help from Hootsuite employees as well as customers. We quickly realized that the forum was useful for more than just support. Hootsuite Ambassadors and customers are now using the forum to share best practices on how they use Hootsuite and are making new connections with each other. It’s a great place to collaborate, learn and grow with other members of the Hootsuite family."
- Sterling Anderson, NPS Manager at Hootsuite

"I think at this point the focus has to move from content creation towards the idea of building community, developing strategies to distribute the content and marketing to promote every piece. . . . Regardless of quality, content marketing success must also include community, distribution and promotion. "
- Excerpt from The Content Code: Six Essential Strategies to Ignite Your Content, Your Marketing, and Your Business, authored by Mark Schaefer, an acclaimed college educator, author, speaker, and social media strategy consultant.


Branded Community Playbook


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