Influencer Marketing

It's one of the hottest topics of 2015: Influencer Marketing. As consumers grow increasingly wary of advertising, it's never been more important to know who in the community is influencing your ideal buyers, and cultivate strong relationships with them.

Volume 2 of the Social Business Journal, in partnership with Cision, provides a 3-step "how-to" process for brands eager to jump into Influencer Relations in 2015. Fill out the form below and download the journal immediately!

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21 Thought Leaders Weigh In

Likeable Local's Dave Kerpen, LinkedIn's Jason Miller, HubSpot's Laura Fitton and Joe Chernov, Top 20 CMO Influencer Chad Pollitt, "Maximize Your Social's" Neal Schaffer, BOOM! Social's Kim Garst, Forbes Top 100 Influencer Ted Coiné, Continuum's Jeanne Hopkins, Salesforce's Jeffrey Rohrs and eleven other marketers explain:

  • Why your big brand should care about influencer marketing

  • What an ideal brand influencer looks like

  • The secret to penetrating the “sphere” of an influencer

  • The role technology plays in supporting influencer programs

  • How brands can capitalize on influential content creators

  • Who "owns" influencer campaigning in large marketing organizations

  • The future of influencer marketing

  • The risk to a brand when their employees become influencers

  • How influencer marketing is leveraged in a PR strategy