How to Get Your Employees to Engage in Social Media

Making Employee Advocacy Work in Your Company

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This e-book highlights how companies can define, on-board, and implement employee advocacy strategies


In addition to insights from three companies with successful employee advocacy programs, this e-book will help you:

  • Amplify your company message through the peer-to-peer system
  • Understand the importance of a training structure
  • Move beyond basic social amplification and into actual conversations and relationships
  • Discover ways to implement a successful company-wide rollout strategy
  • Create a  competitive advantage


"In the words of a sci-fi geek, employee advocacy is a portal which allows us to amplify our voice to reach out to further dimensions and Universes.”

-Piyush Prem, Senior Social Media Specialist, Informatica


“What could be a better way to identify leaders who can really represent our brand to customers, partners, job candidates and the press?”

-Sandy Adam, Manager Social Media Marketing, ANSYS, Inc.


“True advocacy is from the heart, so it’s at its best when the organization is aware of what’s being said but isn’t driving the effort.”

-Cathy Felts, Senior Director of Marketing, Q-Centrix

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